Start of the CaSi SIEF

The sameness survey of CaSi according to the provided ID card ended on 25 April  2009 midnight.

Agreement was reached on sameness by a large majority of opinions expressed.  

Thank you for your cooperation!

The statistics presented here below trigger the official start of the CaSi SIEF/Plateform.

This SIEF/plateform is run by the CASI Institute on behalf of Ferropem/Grupo Ferroatlantica.


Results of the sameness and status survey

Results of the sameness survey


Agreement to the ID card:


Four pre-SIEF groups have been consulted:

  • calcium silicide,
  • calcium disilicide ,
  • reaction mass of calcium, silicon and iron and
  • reaction mass of calcium silicide and calcium disilicide. 

Depending on the groups, between 53.33 % and 100% of the responding legal entities have agreed to the ID card.


Objections voiced can be solved within the SIEF/platform.



Results of the status survey







Calcium silicide

4.5 %

4.5 %

38.6 %

52.3 %

Calcium disilicide

20 %

10 %

50 %

20 %

Reaction mass of calcium, silicon and iron

0 %

20 %

80 %

0 %

Reaction mass of calcium silicide and calcium disilicide

33.3 %

22.2 %

44.4 %

0 %



FERROPEM/Ferroatlantica designated as Lead Registrant

REACH requires the joint submission of data as a minimum for classification and labelling, study summaries and proposals for testing. The so-called “joint dossier” has to be submitted by a Lead Registrant, on behalf and with the agreement of the other registrants. Technically, only the Lead Registrant will submit the joint part of the dossier on the REACH IT system.

A 'lead registrant' must submit this information on behalf of all registrants of the same substance, unless they choose to opt out.

SIEF members need to be involved in the designation of the Lead Registrant.

FERROPEM, subsidiary of Grupo Ferroatlantica and European producer of CaSi, has agreed to carry the responsibilities involved with the task of Lead Registrant. It has a vital interest in achieving a successful registration and is committed to a timely introduction of the registration dossier. SIEF member companies have been invited mid 2009 to indicate if they disagreed with FERROPEM's candidature. The Secretariat only received positive responses and FERROPEM is therefore confirmed as Lead Registrant for CaSi.

FERROPEM has the full backing of the CaSi Consortium and its Secretariat and consultants. As SIEF facilitator, it has already taken steps to accelerate the assessment process (testing by the consortium and call for data in the SIEF). 

Please note that the target date for the registration has been set tentatively at 30 September 2010.


CaSi has been registered on its own for REACH in 2010

the position paper of the CaSi Institute can be found under Position Papers section