Introduction to the SIEF section

Welcome to this SIEF section which has as purpose to assist in the setting up and operation of the SIEFs for CaSi alloys.

CaSi alloys have been pre-registered in different ways due to their special nature.


The first task has therefore been to gather the companies concerned by CaSi alloys from the various pre-SIEFs under one umbrella corresponding to the relevant and agreed description of CaSi alloys so as to inform them about the work programme related to CaSi alloys. The CaSi consortium has indeed decided to register CaSi as multi-constituent substance and has agreed on an assessment strategy for CaSi. This has triggered a new EC number which is 915-037-6.

A comprehensive testing and evaluation programme has been started accordingly. This is based on a common understanding on what is covered.


In April 2009,  a call was launched to companies which have pre-registered CaSi alloys according to one or several ways shown below:


-      calcium silicide

-      calcium disilicide

-      reaction mass of silicon and calcium and iron (multi-constituent substance/MCS route)

-      reaction mass of calcium silicide and calcium disilicide (MCS route)


Pre-SIEF members were invited to access the password protected section of this site and to look  at the "ID Card" on which they were invited to take a position. Agreement was reached on sameness by a large majority of opinions expressed.  


Later on Ferropem/Grupo Ferroatlantica has been confirmed as Lead registrant.

Please note that the target date for the registration has been set tentatively at 30 September 2010


CaSi Registration dossier (joint submission) successfully submitted by the Lead registrant Ferropem week 37 2010 for CaSi

CaSi has been registered on its own for REACH in 2010