Identified Uses of CaSi


The chemical safety assessment is supposed to address all the uses identified by the stakeholders for the material assessed.

Downstream Users (DU) have the right to make a use - as a minimum the brief general description of that use - known in writing (on paper or electronically) to the manufacturer, importer, downstream user or distributor who supplies him with a substance on its own or in a preparation with the aim of making this an identified use (Art. 37.2).

It is the responsibility of the Downstream Users to ensure the identification of their uses to their suppliers and in the registration dossier.

Downstream Users have to make their request at least 12 months before the registration deadline, which is 30 November 2009 for tonnages above 1000 T, as it is the case with the aforementioned material.

We have developed a document (here attached) covering the uses of CaSi identified so far. In case you cannot find your use on the attached list, please inform us by 3 November by providing the relevant description of your use according to the Use Descriptor System, by sending a mail to .

Thank you for your cooperation.



CaSi has been registered on its own for REACH in 2010

the position paper of the CaSi Institute can be found under Position Papers section